The Dilemma
I do not know how many of you moms out there who had to deal with this scenario. Baking out chocolate-chip cookies one weekend after another and yet I get the same results. DISASTER! The kids would always complain. Why could I not perfect the art of baking given the exact measurements of the ingredients and my hand mixer?

Yes. I have this Moulinex stand mixer which I received as a wedding gift. I thought it was the sweetest presents we had received as a couple. Er, the silver flatware set were treasures, too. But, then, as a newbie homemaker then, I was delighted somebody has been so thoughtful as to give me a mixer. I wanted to wow the hubby that I CAN COOK. THAT, I CAN BAKE, TOO.

Stand Mixer ReviewsBeginning with light batter to make fluffy pancakes and crepes I thought, I could do more. On our first-year anniversary as husband and wife, I wanted to surprise him with an apple upside-down cake I had seen on The Food Network show. I readied all the necessary ingredients and get on beating the flour mixture. Then, suddenly, the beater attachment fell on the bowl.

The plastic latch broke into pieces. I was so disappointed. I had to manually hand-beat the mixture. A disaster should not dampen my gay spirit. Even though, the cake was a disaster itself. The hubby was so sweet and comforting enough not to show any discouragement. He said, the stand mixer isn’t that powerful enough to hold onto such a hard beating. I should have not tested its capabilities overboard. Have I?

Since then, I lacked the enthusiasm for baking. Nevertheless, I still continued to watch cooking shows and made listings on recipes that would entice my palate. I have such a sweet tooth. I would always consummate my cravings on store bought cookies, brownies, tarts, cakes. I am really a sucker for sweets.

Then, a friend who’s into making fondant cakes as her sideline, had one day invited me over for lunch. Right there in her spacious kitchen, I saw this robust metallic chrome stand mixer, standing mightily in the kitchen island. I was swayed! My friend was so raving about its function. Saying when she started her business, she had a similar stand mixer but when the motor had dysfunctioned after a year of usage, she had researched the internet and joined forums asking what other bakers and chefs would recommend, it all boils down to one same product, the KitchenAid Artisan Series. She swears she had been making awesomely and heavenly tasting cakes since then. The business was a hit.

I was in awe! Going home inspired and in high spirits. I kept babbling to my husband the kitchen gadget I saw in my friend’s place. That spark the interest that I should get back to baking. I started doing research on the said product, Googling about it and had found a couple of foodie sites that use a similar product.
Sometimes, great optimism comes in combination with luck; I found a very good deal with free shipping. Can anyone top that? And soon, the KitchenAid Artisan Series found its way knocking at our door.


stand mixer reviewsThe Body.
Sizing up at 16.3 x 16.3 x 11 inches, this towering kitchen gadget is a work of art. Shiny metallic chrome body, beautifully crafted tilt-back head that arched downward to its neck where a bowl rested securely to its base. I would want to just marvel and gaze.

The Head.
Found on the side of the head is the 10 multiple speed selection which allows users to select the right speed accordingly. Now I can easily select at which speed each recipe I am going to prepare. Low speed for light batter and higher speed for whipping creams or butter icing. What a convenience!

The Bowl.
With its super-sized stainless steel bowl, it can accommodate a maximum 5 quarts of batter/mixtures. Sounds like a load good enough to create a three-tier cake, huh. I am not done yet. The bowl has ergonomically designed to handle for easy handling. This will prevent spillage, as the handle is contoured to fit the hand. How ingenious! How thoughtful for the manufacturer to have thought of such a clever idea. Similar products have found a nemesis.

This Artisan Series truly beat its rivals. No less. And, oh, there’s more to the stainless steel bowl. Probably, homemakers and chefs would want to consider this important matter. Stainless steel not only makes an aesthetic look, but it was made to completely ease off plastics. As we know, plastics posed a lot of dangers. With lead poisoning that accounts for major brain dysfunction as per usage of plastic is concerned. It’s a scary thought, I know. It is for my readers to know that stainless steels were aptly placed for health consideration.

The Accessories

The Flat Beater.
Great tool to use for mixing normal to heavy batter. Cake recipes, cookies, donuts, and more. Mixture resulted in even consistency.
The wire whip. It is a great attachment for working on soft angel cakes, pancakes, and/or beating eggs and creams to make as icing. With the required speed, a fluffy icing is achieved. Truly, icing on the cake

The Dough Hook.
This is the accessory used in mixing or kneading dough, as in pizza dough, loaf bread. It can free our hand from the labor of normal hand kneading. No mess on the kitchen table.

There are additional attachments, which can be bought separately. So made to make cooking as pleasurable as lounging in a soft chaise. For me, I decided to delay buying more attachments as I have yet to fully recognize all the capabilities of this recent haul.

The Fruits of All the Excitement

Soon enough, I have been rediscovering my baking prowess. I do have innate talent in baking. Exaggeration. Forgive me please. With a cool gadget such as Kitchen Aid, it’s been casting its magical charm in the kitchen. The kids have been always excited what am I baking. The husband was very cooperative. He had made me a file folder on his iPad all recipes that I have bookmarked. How sweet!

Last Christmas, the kitchen was in chaos as we all tried to bake strawberry cheesecake. The kids helped in mixing the cream cheese. First time. It was a success. No exaggeration here. The feeling that you get when the family is all together sharing small ideas or just being happy together, I am in seventh heaven.

The Work Output

With a 325-watt motor, I am positive it can knead out pizza dough. It can mix a super moist brownie fudge, and a ton more. I can now relax and wait for the outcome of this kitchen workhorse. No worries that the motor may overheat. It is so designed to carry out heavy mixing task. For that matter. Electric consumption may be the only issue.

stand mixer reviewsAs increased in power wattage could also mean increased in energy output. But, do not fret. The bigger catch is, the Artisan Series makes up for functionality that always downplays its competitors. Even the ones promising energy efficiency. That’s how powerful reviews are.

End users who were not paid to do advertisement. But, merely shares the experiences brought about by first hand trial. Unlike those big budgeted ads seen on boob tube and huge banners claiming to be the best product. I do not believe so.

The After Use

Storage is no issue with KitchenAid. As its aesthetic built is as captivating as a flower in an end table, so is this kitchen wonder. Leave it at the far end of the countertop when not in use. I did make a quilt cover using my mom’s old blanket to protect from dust when not in use. The problem is, it is always used. Especially on weekends.

Always the star at our kitchen space. I do not worry about cleaning it up. The head can be tilted up easily. Allowing the attachments to be pulled off and the bowl removed from its based. No technicalities there. Allow easy rinsing for the attachment and the stainless steel bowl. No need to apply for harsh chemicals. Dishwashing liquid and water is more than enough. Allow excess water to dip and wipe off with clean cloth. That’s it. No fuss. Ready again for next baking adventure.


Overall, performance and functionality wise, I have never been this excited about a kitchen appliance. It solves my dilemma. Thank heaven I had not succumbed to get the same mixer as I had one that broke few years ago. With this KitchenAid Artisan Series, it opens a door for my wild adventures in the baking world. My own world.

Additionally, just few tips for moms out there who were always on the lookout for cooking aids.

  • Never rely on branded items that only put a vast expense on huge advertisement.
  • Do research for products in the market. Laying out their pros and cons.
  • Similar products offer almost always similar function. Have a lookout on trusted companies and other products they carry. It is trusted by other consumers, as well?
  • Compare each product until you get to the two best choices. From there, deciding can be a lot easier.
  • When you decide on the product/item to buy. It’s time to search the market for deals or coupon codes. Deals are the hype these days. Beware, however, on deals. It pays to be wary on knowing the company/shops.
  • Lastly, in buying stuff, find the product that equates your needs.

Bottomline, thumbs up for this KitchenAid Artisan Series. It truly rediscovered the baker in me.

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